General Rental Conditions

version 10-06-2019 "Hiša Vukan" Kajžar 33a, 2275 Miklavz pri Ormozu

  • These General Terms and Conditions apply to reservations and agreements regarding the “Hiša Vukan” holiday home, located at Kajžar 33a 2275 Miklavz pri Ormozu in Slovenia
  • In these General Rental Terms and Conditions, the term “tenant” means: the person who concludes an agreement with us regarding the rental of the holiday home.
  • These General Terms and Conditions apply regardless of your (prior) reference to any own terms and conditions or to other terms and conditions. We reject all General Terms and Conditions to which you refer or which are used by you.
  • Agreements that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing.
  1. We only handle reservations for persons who are 18 years or older. Reservations by persons younger than that age are therefore not valid.
  2. After you have made a reservation, you will receive a confirmation from us within 5 days, the general rental conditions and an invoice. We request that you check these documents for accuracy and to inform us immediately of any inaccuracies. If you have not received a confirmation of receipt from us within 10 days of making the reservation, we request that you contact us immediately, failing which the reservation cannot be invoked.
  3. An agreement will be concluded between you and us once we have confirmed the reservation to you. The agreement concerns the rental of the holiday home for recreational use, which by its nature is of short duration.
  1. We request you to transfer 25% of the rent to us within 14 days after the invoice date. You must have paid us the other 75% 1 month before the arrival date. If your reservation is within 1 month before the arrival date, you must transfer 100% of the invoice amount to us at once upon receipt of the invoice.
  2. The deposit and / or payment must be transferred to the IBAN: SI56 0235 8199 4308 831 in the name of Vukan Natasa in Murska Sobota, Slovenia quoting the invoice number.
  3. By paying a term or the entire rent you confirm that you have read the general rental conditions and agree to this. The rental automatically ends after the agreed period.
  4. In the event of late payment of the amounts invoiced to you, you will be in default immediately after the payment period has expired. In that case we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and terminate the agreement.
  1. The deposit is € 200.00. The deposit serves to guarantee damage and / or costs – in the broadest sense of the word – that we can suffer in the event of non-compliance with the obligations of the tenant as a good tenant and the person (s) accompanying the tenant.
  2. The deposit must be paid together with the first deposit of the rent. In case the deposit is not paid, we are entitled to deny the tenant access to the holiday home. If you fail to pay the deposit, we are also entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.
  3. The deposit or any remainder thereof will be refunded after settlement of claims (damage to inventory / holiday home and / or other costs) from us to the tenant within 14 days after departure. Any (further) claims for compensation will not be canceled by this refund.
Reception key
  1. One week prior to the arrival date and after payment of the full invoice amount, the tenant will receive a code by email or whats-app. With this code access to the property can be obtained through an app (Nuki). This access may not be transferred. The tenant is never entitled to retain the key (which is in the door) or to duplicate it for any reason. If the tenant does so, the tenant owes a fine of € 500, without prejudice to the actual costs. The key to the holiday home is made available by us to the tenant on loan. The key remains the property of us. In case of loss, theft or any other way of losing the key, the tenant owes an amount of € 100.
  2. All costs that arise because you do not deliver the property on time (after 10:00 o’clock in the morning) will be recovered from you. We will store goods that are found after your departure for a reasonable period of time, but we assume no responsibility for this. Re-sending is only possible at your expense.

Cancellation by the tenant must always be in writing (by mail or by e-mail). The following rules apply:

  • Down payments will not be returned if canceled.
  • If canceled up to 42 days before the day of arrival, 25% of the rent will be charged.
  • If canceled up to 28 days before the day of arrival, 50% of the rent will be charged
  • For cancellations from 7 days up to the day of arrival, 100% of the rent is due.
  • If you have not arrived within 24 hours after the agreed date without further notice, this is considered a cancellation and 100% of the rent is due.
  • In the event of cancellation on our part, any money already paid will be refunded.
Stay in the holiday home

Week: Saturday (from 3 pm) to Saturday (10 am)

  • On the day of arrival you can in principle use the holiday home from 3 p.m. On the day of departure you must have left the holiday home at 10:00 a.m.
  • The holiday home is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed outside on the terrace.
  • No open flame may be used outdoors.
  • Bringing pets is not allowed.
  • The rental price does not include final cleaning and includes bed linen.
  • Barbecuing with the available bbq is allowed (this must be left clean before the departure of the house). The use of water and electricity is included, but we request that you use it sparingly.
  • Sublet or rental is expressly prohibited.
  • Stay of more people in a holiday home than agreed on the reservation, or the maximum of 8 people applicable to the home is expressly not permitted without our permission, unless otherwise agreed in writing. This can lead to the premature termination of the lease on our part, without refund of rent.
  • Moving cupboards and beds, as well as audio or television equipment or taking outside any part of the indoor inventory – apart from natural crockery, glasses and cutlery for your meal outside – is expressly not permitted.
Liability / complaints / damage
  1. The tenant and other users are fully liable in the relevant rental period in the rented holiday home for all damage that has occurred to the house, the inventory and all matters that belong to the rented object, unless the tenant and other users can demonstrate that the damage to them cannot be attributed. We therefore recommend that you thoroughly inspect the holiday home and the inventory for defects and shortcomings upon arrival. If you notice any damage or defects, you must immediately report this to us.
  2. We accept no liability for theft, loss or damage of or to goods or persons, of any nature whatsoever, during or as a result of the stay in the holiday home. We accept no liability for construction activities on the access and main roads and the like in the vicinity of the rented holiday home. We accept no liability in the event of technical equipment, utilities failing or inoperative, or the internet not functioning or partly not functioning.
  3. The costs of normal maintenance and repair of defects are for our account. If defects occur, the renter must inform us immediately and follow our instructions as much as possible. Any costs incurred by the tenant in this connection will be reimbursed by the tenant against submission of specified bills.
  4. The holiday home has a (wireless) internet connection that the tenant can use. The following applies to this: in Slovenia it is strictly forbidden to illegally download / upload or stream from the internet! There are high fines and it is strictly controlled. The tenant is responsible and liable for his own internet use and if fines are imposed, these are charged to the tenant. The personal data of the tenant / offender are made available at the request of the authorities / copyright holder (s). All costs to be incurred by the lessor in connection with such an infringement will be recovered from the lessee.
  5. If you still want to submit a complaint, it must be submitted to us in writing and with reasons, within 14 days of leaving the holiday home.
Departure and final cleaning

A strict waste separation scheme applies in Slovenia. The tenant must take care of waste separation as indicated on the waste containers. The tenant is liable, without judicial intervention, for all fines, costs, damage suffered by the landlord in the event of non-compliance with the instructions regarding waste separation. The holiday home must be left as follows:

  • Leave the house clean
  • Everything clean washed, dried and put back in the cupboards
  • Duvet covers and linen next to the bed
  • Leave the dishwasher and refrigerator clean and empty
  • Do not leave any food in the cupboards
  • Please place cushions of garden furniture inside and secure garden furniture with chain and lock
  • Empty the garbage cans (in containers)
  • Report any breakage and / or damage to the lessor.
Applicable law

All these conditions and provisions from the rental agreement / house rules as well as any disputes arising therefrom, only Slovenian law applies.