Escape to Paradise: Eco-Built Vineyard Retreat with Sauna & Majestic Views.

Enjoy the amazing views and sunsets amongst the grapes

In a small village called Kajžar, in the midst of neatly arranged vineyards, in the center of the soothing nature, sits the Vukan House.

You will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from all sides of the house. You will be visited by a deer, a rabbit, a hedgehog and the birds will delight you with their singing.

You will be able to watch the locals how they take great care of the grapevine in the spring and summer months, and how they harvest crops with respect in the autumn time.

Experience pure relaxation with your private sauna

Experience ultimate relaxation with your very own sauna! Hisa Vukan is equipped with a private Finish and infra-red sauna.
Let the soothing heat melt away stress and revitalize your senses. Immerse yourself in the ultimate escape, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

Creation of the eco house

The house was designed by our best friend Barbka. A lot of thought went into the design. In each room, you can enjoy a nice view. Part of the design is also the tailor-made stairs and doors made by a local carpenter.

Hisa Vukan is built with all-natural materials. The main construction is made of wood, and the walls and roof are made of straw, plastered with clay. This makes a very energy-efficient house. But also a house that is great to be in. 

Click here to learn more about the sustainable building process of Hisa Vukan.

5/5 rating based on 45+ reviews!

"We absolutely loved staying at Jan & Natasa's place! It was peaceful and calm, and there was plenty of space for our kids to play too. The property is one-of-a-kind in the area: simple, natural, elegant and well-thought out from a design point of view. We love that it's sustainable in many ways and are hoping to return very soon. If not for another family holiday, both my husband and I would consider coming back to work on creative projects. Some highlights of our stay: the view (especially at sunrise), deer during
the day and owls in the evening, the sauna!"

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